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Wondering how to successfully increase your product discoverability in an already swamped online marketplace?

Omni-channel eCommerce Strategy

The eCommerce industry is set to expand rapidly. It is estimated that by 2020, over 50% of consumers will make online purchases worldwide.

With the eCommerce industry evolving at an overwhelming pace, the need to respond quickly to the latest trends and be several steps ahead of your competition is the cornerstone to success. Unleash your business’s online potential with an eCommerce strategy designed to simplify and streamline even the most complex of product offerings.

Our omni-channel eCommerce strategies ensure that your results are measured and analysed. Providing you with actionable insights and helping you to make informed decisions while unlocking your business’s potential on a global scale.

Marketplace Listing and Optimisation

Research indicates that, on average, eCommerce stores have a 60% bounce rate, this suggests that for every 100 customers who visit your page, 60 will abandon it without ever scrolling through your product inventory.

There are several aspects that influence how your product listing will perform in each particular marketplace. Optimising your products content is a deliberate strategy that has a direct impact on the product’s organic search ranking, driving shoppers to the product pages and in converting those shoppers once they reach the product detail pages.

We can help you optimise your marketplace listing, from product title, product detail and imagery to reorganising your product catalogue so that it is enhanced for product discoverability. Leverage our long standing connections with major eCommerce players and be seen above your competition.

International SEO

With multichannel selling becoming a critical key to a brands success, international SEO is a core aspect for your long term growth. In a marketplace that is already crowded and highly competitive, improving your SEO converts into better search engine rankings and increased online visibility. Higher online visibility for retailers and their products result in greater potential for scale in both traffic and sales conversion rates.

We deliver enriched product listings through international SEO by analysing performance, providing strategic guidance and identifying growth opportunities that are most valuable to your business and product discoverability.

About Export Accelerator

At Export Accelerator, we help eliminate most of the cost and time to market involved with conventional export market entry.

For Small to medium Brands, Retailers and Resellers, this means accelerating the process of testing global markets, with lower business risks, all towards expediting top-line export revenue and helping you win at International e-Commerce.

Meet our Founder

Raj de Souza is an authority on Data Driven Marketing – enabling small to medium sized businesses across Australia acquire, retain and grow their global customer base. He is the founder of Export Accelerator – a firm that helps SMB’s establish and accelerate their global e-commerce strategies enabling them to then compete online and win.

Raj formally led demand generation tactics for a global big data company, assisting global brands and retailers with their pricing, product assortment and content strategies. As a Chief Marketing Evangelist, he is involved in consulting with SMBs, helping them establish their marketing footprint, leveraging e-commerce technology and influencing top-line revenue through data-driven marketing initiatives.

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